Implementing A Good Redesign: Advice And Examples

Good Website Redesign

Redesigning a website can be very satisfying and very stimulating for a web designer. A redesign consists of objectively improving the aesthetics or the structure of a website and, with the use of new elements or content, giving a new form or a new identity to the site.

Getting our hands on an out-of-date and roughly-done website, with the complete freedom to modify, add to, subtract from, and overhaul what we please, is extremely exciting. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm can often result in an incorrect work process, with a negative impact on the end result and on the eventual success of the redesign.

Before we open Photoshop and start racking our brains for the new connotations our website should have,let’s clear up some key points. Continue reading


Beautiful Website Top Navigations

Navigation is always important to a website project, it helps the user get around your site. Some navigations use a lot of different design elements which works great to keep the flow of the web designs. For this article, we’ve rounded up 30 beautiful Website Navigationthat will give you Inspiration. Continue reading